Aviram Eisenberg

Aviram Eisenberg

CEO, Ignite, Israel

Distributed Agile Development - PO Perspective

Driven by cost reduction or access to talent pool reasons, distributed development is the reality of many software vendors these days. On the other hand, distributed development (off-shoring, multi-site development) has performance penalties and hidden costs such as the knowledge transfer cost. In this presentation we will see the added value of Agile and Scrum best practices from the product owner perspective: How do Agile practices coincide with multi-site development best practices, how to resolve contradicting Agile and off-shoring best practices, and learn how can the Product Owner get more business value from distributed Agile teams.

Presentation to downlaod: PDF (849kB)

About Aviram Eisenberg

Aviram is the CEO of Ignite, a global software development company that specializes in distributed Agile development teams. In the last decade, Aviram assisted Fortune 500 software vendors to harness Agile and Scrum best practices in order to optimize the performance of their distributed development teams. Aviram heads the Software Development Management forum in Israel, SD Forum, Organized the Agile Tour conferences in Israel and the Ukraine and is a frequent speaker in Agile events.