Robin Dymond

Robin Dymond

Certified Scrum Trainer, Managing Partner, Innovel, LLC, USA

Booting up Customers to Build Great Products

Your New Customer has no clue what Agile is, however they have lots of assumptions about how they will „get the product done.“ Do they know how to work effectively with you? Do they know all of the business and user issues that the product will need to solve and how to solve them? Have they built a product like this one before? Are the 100% committed to being the product owner or do they have other jobs too?

We'll discuss how turn a customer into a Product Owner, from the first meeting to creating the first backlog, through to one year into development. We'll go through key learning points that your new Product Owners and teams will have to transition through, and techniques you can use to make your life and theirs easier. Come prepared to learn tested hands on techniques you can apply in working with your customers.

Target audience: Customers, Product Owners, Scrummasters, Developers, Account managers.

About Robin Dymond

Robin has 20 years of experience delivering complex products and services. His current focus on change, integrating Lean with Agile methods, and Return on Investment (ROI) analysis of Agile methods keep his clients on the cutting edge. In 2002 – 2003 he lead the first large enterprise application development that used Agile and Microsoft .NET in Canada and was a key member of a team that led the largest enterprise adoption of Scrum in financial services to date. At Agile 2008 Robin co-presented an innovative new class for Scrum Product Owners that lead many to re-think their role and how business value is achieved. Robin holds a BSc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Calgary.

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