Valeri Souchkov

Valeri Souchkov

Innovations Consultant and CEO, ICG T&C, The Netherlands

TRIZ for Innovation in Product Development

Whenever we work on developing a product or managing the development activities, we often face situations when we have to deal with different types of conflicts. There might be conflicts emerging between demands, requirements, resources, and so forth. A difficulty is that either a solution to our specific situation is not available yet or we do not know it. Most often we try to resolve such conflicts by compromising, but it does not always help us to get exactly what we want. In the approach which we call „Power Thinking“ and which is a part of modern Systematic Innovation, there is a different method: instead of compromising we can resolve conflicts in a win-win way by generating out-of-the-box breakthrough ideas that solve problems completely and in a „win-win“ way. It can be done with the so-called innovative thinking patterns which were extracted during the long-term studies of numerous creative and innovative solutions. The use of this approach helps to increase performance of conflict solving processes and improve the quality of solutions. In my presentation I will expose the essence of the method and show some examples of its use.

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About Valeri V. Souchkov

Valeri is internationally acknowledged innovation and TRIZ expert, developer, researcher, author of many publications and trainer certified by G. Altshuller (TRIZ founder). Valeri is pioneer promoter of TRIZ and Systematic Innovation in Western Europe, USA, and Asia. He is an author and lecturer of TRIZ at the University of Twente (the Netherlands) for B. Sc and M. Sc. students and invited lecturer on TRIZ at several European universities, including Rotterdam School of Management. In total he trained more than 4.000 people in TRIZ and Systematic Innovation. He co-founded a number of consulting companies in the area of TRIZ, innovation support and innovation management. Valeri goals and mission is to develop and bring to the market most advanced and practical methods, tools, and solutions which boost, leverage, and manage technology and business innovation. To further disseminate TRIZ knowledge, share experiences of organizations and individuals with TRIZ and Systematic Innovation, and enhance worldwide collaboration within Systematic Innovation community, in 2000 Valeri Souchkov initiated and co-founded ETRIA – the European TRIZ Association.

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