Coaching – Agile Coaches Master Class

Course is for those, who wants to get into secrets of coaching techniques, who wants expand its skill-set in area of soft skills or consider career change to become coach. Course is also for those who dedicate to enhance team competency and who needs to apply coaching techniques to support its colleagues or subordinates – managers of all levels, Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and internal trainers. Special attention will be to support agile teams managed by SCRUM methodology. Courses are held in English.

What is course about?

Human potential is key factor for company to become agile. When you want to implement agile practices in your development teams, the best way to achieve this is to develop talents – as individuals and as team.

Coaching is the key to success with agile! Participants will learn principles and techniques required to fulfill the role of Agile Coach. They will become capable to help teams foster team identity, help Scrum Masters and Product Owners grow in their roles and this way help improving results of the organization.

What is in course for you?

Course filled by exercises focus on practical implementation of coaching practices – learning by doing on real examples. Participants will benefit from their preparation for the course, training itself and post course personal development plan, which they prepare by themselves. It is great importance that the participants take their time to prepare for the course, which gives them afterwards opportunity to grow in their role. Course will tackle following topics:

  • The Values and principles in Agile Manifesto – and why those are important in order to succeed with agile.
  • The Scrum Master and Agile Coach as facilitators – what skills and mindset are required?
  • What is coaching? What is coaching not? Agile coach – dos and don’ts.
  • Coaching one-on-one – the flow, the phases and question types.
  • Differences between a team and a working group. Difficulties in forming teams. Team based decision-making.
  • How to interact with teams at different stages.
  • Facilitating retrospectives. Kicking off teams.

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Course Parameters

Duration: 2 days

Date: 29–30. March 2012

Language: English

Trainer: Bent Myllerup, CSC, Denmark