Agilia Conference is first Czech and Slovak international conference about agile methodologies. Its purpose is to promote use of agile methods in IT industry in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Its narrow focus on selected topic and private exclusive content makes it unique. It ranks among top 10 best conferences in Europe, which worth to visit. The goal is to show, what it is agility, why it is used in knowledge based industry, what are advantages and how to deploy necessary changes into organization. We want to present, how to profit from agile techniques, in software development, in knowledge management, in sales or in general management of the organization. And, in the same time, reveal the new trends and views, which are linked with agility, and which managers should be aware of – managing innovations, finance, operations, design of products and services. We want to contribute to exchange of experience and knowledge and present new technical skills. Important part of the conference is networking: it enables visitor expert discussion or gaining new commercial partners. Based in the middle of Czecho – Slovakia we link community on greater area.

Also for year 2013 we plan to prepare attractive program – presentations of world top agile influencers, experience of local users and case studies, new trends and not discovered yet practices, workgroups, workshops, discussions and diversions. Main topic will be “Three faces of agility – developers, managers and customers”. We want to include into discussions all: top and line management, project management, developers, testers but also customers.

We invite you, to help us make this conference happen. Your financial contribution will help moving IT community again a small step toward modernization.

We do not have sponsorship categories. We propose to meet you and together we will develop offering that meets your needs and expectations. The package may include:

  • General sponsorship
  • Networking Event sponsorship
  • Caffe & Lunch sponsorship

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Implementing agility into the organization does not mean just something for some developers and something we can do selectively sometimes. In our opinion, agility is a process of change in values, which has impact on the whole organization and its various stakeholders. Agility is about communication. Agility is about customers. Agility is about common learning.

„What is in it for me?”, we can often hear from managers, developers and even customers. At Agilia Conference we want to discuss impact of communication on ways to create value. We invite you to share with us your experience. Participate at the event with your presentations, talks, workshops, success stories, case studies or demonstrations. We welcome interactive speeches or micro-workshops. Join in with lightning talks. Share your personal experience with others.

From managerial perspective, show us:

• How to execute Agile Transformation (corporate agile transition), what are practical steps to implement agility.

• What are benefits of agile environment, why we should change?

• Case studies of successful transitions, how it looks like to work in agile organization.

• Communication technique – coaching (workshop, light working session) and working with employees.

• How does agile organization deal with innovation, new product development, structures, culture, customers care.

• … and especially how important is communication.

From Customers perspective, show us:

• “How to engage customer?” – Experience or success story of customer engagement.

• What customers might get by switching to agile approach? Case studies – simply how it was before and what we have now.

• How to specify requirements so developers will understand them? What we had to change?

• How to work with customers so they will benefit the most? Lessons learned?

• … and especially how important is communication.

From perspective of Developers, ScrumMasters, Coaches, show us:

• How to engage developers? How to work with?

• How intensive creation of domain knowledge helps with switch to agility? Inspirations.

• How to work with customers and how to understand them?

• How to collaborate effectively among ourselves?

• … and especially how important is communication.

Program add-ons: Diversions

A space to share ideas, experiences and for inspirations.

Various topics:

• Demo of products developed in agile teams and organizations and how agility contributed to product success.

• Demo of products, which makes live of agile teams easier.

• Start-ups organizations, where agility contributed to survival and growth.

And various formats:

• Mini working sessions to demo techniques helping with communication

• Half day or full day workshops.

If you have suitable proposal, questions and suggestions, let us know. Send us message!

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