Adam Michalczyk

Adam Michalczyk

Agile Coach, Allegro Group, Poland

I am not failing, I am learning

When one sees a company in e-commerce business, that is changing so rapidly that You cannot really plan features in months – one says go Agile. But when there is 800+ IT people 3000+ employees all over Europe it is not so easy and becomes Enterprise Agile. But still – when you understand that almost all the value comes from user, common internet users pocket – there is no other option than to constantly change, Agile is the answer.

Allegro Group took a leap of faith three years ago and we still don't feel that we are already landed in the safe place. We are beginning to see, that all this Agile is not about safe place, but more about learning and appreciating constant change.

This talk will briefly cover a case study of Enterprise Agile adoption with the spotlight on evolving culture and pros and cons of our transition tactics.

We are going from waterfall to Agile using Scrum, but over and over again we find waterfalls in our processes, in our tools and the worst of all in our minds. In this talk I want to share some strategies to employ, that are helpful in getting more Agile, and therefore more productive.

The example I'll focus on in this session will be UX, and how to be more aware of customer needs. This starts with easy usability work, but then you realize that in the end you need all the company to be deeply focused on the customer value.

After all the hardships and failures on the path to Agility I tell You – it's worth it. Getting everybody onboard involved and caring about common good is worth every effort.

Presentation to be downloaded: PDF (17,20 MB)

About Adam Michalczyk

Lean and agile processes enthusiast, Adam Michalczyk has unfailing faith that if one creates processes with Common Sense® and Lean Principles, what he or she gets are productive teams. For the past four years, he has been helping teams to have the nicest work experience possible. One of key players in Allegro Group Scrum rollouts. Currently, he coordinates the efforts of Scrum Masters in the Company’s mar­ketplace segment. He lives in Toruń and loves time spent with his lovely daughter and wife. Passionate about mind development and meditation.