Bent Myllerup

Bent Myllerup

Certified Scrum Trainer and Agile Coach, Denmark

Will agile work in my embedded development environment?

Agile approaches like Scrum is designed for software development, but will it also work when we add electronics development and mechanical construction to the practices? Come and get insights from the experiences of a Certified Scrum Trainer who actually did the work himself. You will learn about how to setup teams that have the combined skill-set of software, electronics and mechanical engineers, how to challenge or cope with long lead times for physical components and how you can have a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) even early in the project.

Presentation to be downloaded: PDF (4,30 MB)

About Bent Myllerup

Bent Myllerup is working world wide as an agile coach, mentor, presenter, facilitator and trainer. Being the first Certified Scrum Coach in Europe, in combination with his professional EMCC certification as a Systemic Coach, Bent is highly focused on helping people growing into the full potential of their individual role.

As a Certified Scrum Trainer, Bent brings his professional coaching skills to the classroom to work with students as they “cross the edge” from one mindset to another. He has an easy-going manner, yet razor-sharp insight into whatʼs really going on in the classroom.

Bent has personal experiences in various contexts: From junior developer to being on the board of directors, working in a range from garage start-ups to internationally well-recognized cooperations. In the major part of his career, his responsibility has been leading and coaching people.

Bent takes agile approaches beyond software and have for a number of years been working with Scrum in an embedded environment of software, firmware, electronics and mechanics. He also holds a Project Management Professional certification from PMI, which enables him to compare and contrast various approaches on leading projects and organizations.

Bent is a member of the agile42 team acting as country manager for Denmark as well as being an executive and team coach. Bent’s community involvement include forming and supporting user groups, certification review teams and various improvement initiatives.