Cesario Ramos

Cesario Ramos

Scrum coach, Trainer, Agilix, Spain / Netherlands

Play on the Path to Agility

Adoption journeys start with high expectations. The expectations are fueled by research results that point out the need for business agility and that illustrate the success companies have because of their Agile adoption. Indeed, some companies have made enormous improvements while others have failed to live up to their expectations. Agile adoption can only be successful when the people themselves create the necessary changes and therefore are committed and feel accountable for it.

But how can you get people engaged? What can you do to help people discover the necessary changes? And how do you measure progress towards your objectives? In this session you will experience the power of gamification in an agile adoption. You will learn how to play on the path to agility by creating:

  • Challenging goals;
  • Clear rules of behavior;
  • Creating transparency towards the change goal;
  • Voluntary participation.

so that people become engaged, the adoption can be steered and the path can emerge.

PREREQUISITE KNOWLEDGE: Experience with Agile adoption

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Learn about the science and power of gamification in agile adoption. Learn how Agility Path has the 4 principles of games you can apply to your Agile adoption. Create an understanding of what it takes to set-up your adoption for success.

Presentation to be downloaded: PDF (4,40 MB)

About Cesario Ramos

Cesario has worked as an agile coach, trainer and Scrum master for various companies guiding management and development teams in their lean agile adoption journeys.

He is a the author of EMERGENT – Lean agile adoption for an innovative workplace , a frequent speaker and writer on agile topics at international conferences and meetups and the initiator of the Agile Lean Europe Bathtub conferences where people can share and learn together online and free on Scrum, Agile and Lean thinking. Cesario has over 14 years of experience in de IT industry acting in roles varying from agile coach, trainer, developer to lead architect and product manager.

His coaching and training experiences on Scrum and Leadership with his solid background on development enable Cesario to combine theory with hands-on experience and examples in his trainings. You can read more about Cesario Ramos at www.agilix.nl.