Christof Braun

Christof Braun

Certified Scrum Master a licenced Management 3.0 trainer, Manageagile, Germany

Show me the money, or: how to pay employees in an Agile organization

Now that your teams are working self-organized and deliver customer value each sprint, you understand that yearly performance reviews by the manager are not appropriate. Incentivizing with money may even be counter-productive. But raises are expected and HR wants to know from you who will get how much. This presentation will discuss how to account for team performance but also acknowledge individual contributions; how to achieve fairness in the distribution of available budget and how to reward rather than incentivize.

Presentation to be downloaded: PDF (2,10 MB)

About Christof Braun

Christof has worked in software development for 30 years, more than 20 of which have been in leadership positions. This experience has convinced him that agile values and methods are the best approach to solving the complex challenges that arise in modern software development organizations.

As an agile coach and management and IT consultant, Christof now helps organizations to make a transition to agility and lay the foundations for an organizational culture rooted in core agile values. He coaches Scrum Masters, Product Owners and development teams but also managers and HR because they need to understand how agile benefits the entire organization and they must support rather than impede the transition.