Dov Tsal Sela

Dov Tsal Sela

Scrum Master & Agile coach, Ullink, France

Learn to sketch to agility

This workshop has three goals (in no particular order)

  • Have fun and energize (even if it is after lunch)
  • A crash course in drawing using the ‚right side of your brain‘
  • Re-examine (and re-live) the core Agile values, experience what makes it tick.

We will attempt to do all this in an intense atelier, thru short three-minute sprints, fast paced retrospectives (& introspectives), team work, and challenging what we think is possible.

No experience in drawing or agility is necessary :-)

About Dov Tsal Sela

I believe anything is possible (as Steven Wright said – "Anywhere is walking distance if you have the time), and try to do what I enjoy and enjoy what I do.

My two relevant tracks are:

  • A Project manager and senior developer who fell in love with Scrum (and later Agility) seven years ago, and converted to a Scrum-Master & Agile coach role (with occasional P.O.-ing). currently serving two teams as a Scrum-master and Agile coach at Ullink – an exciting company in the financial trading domain.
  • Had a crash course in drawing more than 20 years ago, and have been drawing ever since. Started a drawing Blog three years ago, and leading a free-drawing group in Paris for over a year, where we learn to expand our limits and take risks.