Francesco Degrassi

Francesco Degrassi

Trainer Lean Software Develoment, Italy

Building software that matters!

Software development endeavors in large enterprises are often fraught with risk and obstacles due to the complexity at the organization, human and technological levels; traditional approaches (sometimes just rebranded as “Agile”) are ineffective. After a greatly successful software development initiative for a large ICT company in Italy, in which we applied lean software development principles and practices with great satisfaction for both the client and the team, we set out to understand with them what did work and why.

In this talk I’ll show the results we were able to achieve with this approach, the difference it made compared to other projects and share what we learned, both in positive and negative, about collaborating better with the client to:

  • build a mutual trust relationship;
  • eliminate waste and maximize delivered value;
  • guarantee nonfunctional requirements, such as security, availability and compliance while deploying constantly;
  • introduce proven lean and agile methods and practices (Lean, XP, Continuous Delivery) in environments where they are not known and sometimes feared.

The talk is aimed at developers, managers and buyers in the field of software development.

Presentation to be downloaded: PDF (17,80 MB)

About Francesco Degrassi

Software developer for more than 10 years, with experience in the ICT Security, web services, process automation and network device management fields. Since 2008 I lead Emaze Networks’ software development branch, which designs and builds custom solutions for the largest ICT players in Italy.

I’ve been active on Lean Software Development and agile methodologies for several years now, applying them in our group, involving coworkers, upper management and clients in a continuous improvement path.