Luis Gonçalves

Luis Gonçalves

Agile Coach, Co-Author, Speaker and a Blogger, Portugal

Creating High Performing Teams in an Agile Context:

Great individuals are important but not enough (having bunch of great individuals in a group does not make a team). Cross Functional teams are important but not enough. Great company vision is important but not enough. Great technical best practices like a good CI environment is good, but not enough either.

In my presentation I will show you when having cross-functional teams is not enough anymore. There are several aspects that need to be considered in order to create High Performing Teams. I will explain the right way to assemble teams, and how to create the team vision that fosters growth and keeps them on track. I will also explain the different phases of a team and how they relate to scrum practices, i.e. when you teach what and when, and last but not least…how to help teams to spread knowledge amongst themselves.

Do you want to know how all of these and other small pieces come together in order to create High Performing Teams? Come and see my talk „How to Create High Performing teams“.

Presentation to be downloaded: PDF (6,60 MB)

About Luis Gonçalves

He has been working in the software industry since 2003, being an Agile practitioner since 2007. He has a lot of experience in integrating sequential projects phases like localization into an Agile Framework and pioneering Agile adoption at different companies and different contexts.

He is a co-author of a book called: „Getting Value Out of Agile Retrospectives“ and a co-founder of a MeetUp group in Munich, Germany called High Performing Teams. He and his colleagues created this group with the vision of „Define the future of Management and Leadership“ . They aiming to collaboratively generate several ideas/theories and try them out in their professional life.