Michael Jurek

Michael Jurek

IT consultant, freelance, Czech Republic

Live Demo: Agile Dev/Test infrastructure for individuals and global teams; From Zero to continuous delivery in 45 minutes.

  • Online place for team collaboration
  • Dev/Test infrastructure (self-service provisioning)
  • Continuous delivery to scalable cloud services
  • Cloud web load testing services
  • App monitoring and telemetry

Visual Studio Online, is the home for your project data in the cloud. Get up and running in minutes on our cloud infrastructure without having to install or configure a single server. Set up an environment that includes everything from hosted Git repos and project tracking tools, to continuous integration and an IDE, all packaged up in a monthly per-user plan. Connect to your project in the cloud using your favorite development tool, such as Visual Studio, Eclipse or Xcode! Get started for free!

Windows Azure enables you to develop and test applications faster, at reduced cost, and with the flexibility to deploy in the cloud or on-premises. Never wait for servers or infrastructure again. Instantly provision Windows and Linux Virtual Machines, applications, and infrastructure within Microsoft-managed data centers around the world. Try for Free!