Robert Batušek

Robert Batušek

Agile Coach, Solar Winds, Czech Republic

How to fight technical debt?

People borrow money because they want them now and are willing to pay more later on. Technical debt is similar – short-term feature delivery is typically preferred to long-term maintainability. On the other hand, borrowing money is an intentional act, while technical debt often comes unnoticed to the software. These two key aspects of technical debt determine our strategies to fight it. The war is long, exhausting and perhaps never ending for a software developer. Nevertheless, it is worth to be equipped with the proper tools, when an opportunity to win a battle against technical debt comes. In the presentation, some of these tools will be demonstrated together with practical examples of usage.

Presentation to be downloaded: PDF (2,10 MB)

About Robert Batusek

Robert Batůšek is an experienced software developer and an agile coach. He has held several positions from software development, architecture, project management to people management during his professional carrier. He has been applying agile development methods in several companies, currently he affiliated with the SolarWinds Corporation where he acts as a team leader and an agile coach. He also specializes in continuous integration and automated testing. He is an active member of Agilia and organizer of agilia bi-monthly meetings in Brno.