Robert Chudý

Robert Chudý

CEO, Seerce, Czech Republic

What is GTD and why should you care?

GTD is a world-renowned time-management method promising greater performance and innovation while alleviating the feeling of overwhelm and providing focus, clarity and confidence for everybody, who is using it. But in a world, where cat videos become widely known and making of overblown promises is one of the most common marketing ploys, the real question remains: Is GTD really worth your time? This talk will give you an answer.

About Robert Chudy

Robert Chudy is the founder and CEO of Seerce, a company specializing in both team and personal project management. He has 10 years of hands-on experience in the field of both general and software project management with responsibility for technological and managerial efficiency. He is currently fo-cusing on the development of a new personal project management methodology.