Stephanie Gasche

Stephanie Gasche

Agile Coach, borisgloger, Austria

Lessons learned from agile transformation in large energy company.

In the autumn of 2012, borisgloger was asked to help turn one of the largest German energy companies agile. What started with a Transition Team and two very different pilot teams quickly turned into three, then eight and finally twelve Scrum Teams, including a scaled organization with Scrum Master Team and Product Owner Team. This presentation encompasses a year’s worth of lesson learned of trying to turn a hierarchical organization agile.

Viewing the implementation from an Agile coach’s perspec­tive, this talk will highlight certain good practices and answer the following questions: What is the best way of implementing Agile methods when several companies -business, project management and IT services-are involved. How does one go about selecting the right persons and setting up a Transition Team? How it is possible to sustainably scale from 0 to 12 Teams within 12 months? What are the pitfalls and lessons learned of trying to turn a hierarchical company agile? What are useful KPIs and what good are they for measuring a transition’s suc­cess?

This recent experience has shown me that implementing Agility in highly political organizational structures is difficult, and yet possible. Key aspects for the transition to succeed are strong drivers in managerial level, agile and a few persons who are tired of simply questioning the status quo and are actually willing to change it.

Presentation to be downloaded: PDF (7,80 MB)

About Stephanie Gasche

Stephanie Gasche studied English, History and International Business Management in the UK and France. Stephanie works for borisgloger in Austria and Germany by assisting Scrum Team members to better understand their roles within the proces and structures of the agile organization. Stephanie ‘s blog with agile tips and tricks can be found under…anie-gasche/