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Agilia Conference is Central European conference about agile methods, which smoothly became most important event across the region. Narrow focus on selected topics and private exclusive content makes our event unique. Every year we try to put our quality higher. Gladly, and based on feedback from speakers and delegates, Agilia Conference event ranks among top 5 conferences in Europe on agile topic – 5 days of program, more than 40 presentations and 8 workshops! In 2018 we expect more than 400 delegates from all European countries and overseas.

Every year we present, what it is AGILE, why it is used in knowledge based business, what benefits it brings to organizations and how to implement required changes. We want to show, how organizations make profit from agile techniques. Important component of the conference is networking.

For 2018 the conference topic is „Improving Business Performance with Agile“. We wants to invite everyone to the table – top and line management, project management, financial and human resources directors, developers, testers, architects and also customers. Attractive program will be broken into 3 tracks: Technical Skills, Project & Program Management and Agile Leadership. Traditionally it includes presentation of greatest thinkers and world’s agile gurus, user experiences and case studies, new trends and practices not discovered so far, work groups, workshops, discussions and diversions. Special category of itself are experts from trenches – people, who we found, because they have something to say, and normally do not speak at any conferences.

We invite you to help us to make this conference happen. Your financial contribution will help us to move technology community by another step forward toward modernization.

We propose to meet you and together we will develop offering that meets your needs and expectations. And we have wide range of sponsorship categories, too.

The package may include:

  • General sponsorship,
  • Networking Event sponsorship,
  • Cafe & Lunch sponsorship,
  • and many more.

Contact us and ask for further information. Send us message!

If you have suitable proposal, questions and suggestions, let us know. Send us message!

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