Anna Danes Boix
CEO, Ricaris Have a Nice Day, Spain

In 2008, Anna Danés founded Ricaris Have a Nice Day SL, a multilingual outsourcing company with a 100% distributed team. Thanks to this experience, Danés is extremely knowledgeable in the tools that help strengthen online teams of workers, and she is a firm believer in the power of well-managed virtual teams.

Danés’ experience working in the United States, Asia, and Europe gives her the added advantage in understanding the work cultures of those three continents. Recently, she started Managing Virtual Teams, where she helps companies with distributed teams improve their productivity, team motivation, and overall well-being.


Ricaris is a multilingual outsourcing firm that has been in business for 6 years with a 100% distributed team. How do they keep teams motivated? How do they maintain a low turnover rate? How do they keep quality standards and meet deadlines in a virtual team? Learn their strategies for overcoming some of the most common challenges of distributed teams.

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