Michal Vallo
Agile Coach, Trainer and CEO, Aguarra, Czech Republic

Michal has managed first Scrum project in Czech Republic. He has more than 18 years of experience in management of technology based companies and in project management. He specializes in supporting organization while undergoing agile transformations. He founded competence and certification center for agile techniques Aguarra and develop Czech and Slovak community of agile enthusiasts Agilia. He loves to travel and visits innovative companies worldwide. For his passion he has visited almost 60 countries. Michal holds master degree in Electrical Engineering by University of Zilina and gained his MBA at Open University Business School in Milton Keynes, UK.


You start using Agile methods. You were in the training and want to implement Scrum. However, you have discovered problems and have doubts. Are we on the right track? And is agile for us? What is it we wants to achieve?

Jarek and Michal will discuss in their presentation some selected items, which have to be discussed and understood prior implementation of Agile into organization and why are they important. Further they will share for illustration good and bad stories they encountered during their practice. Both Michal and Jarek have different style, so interesting part will be also those nuances in approach and perception which gives better understanding why agile adoption can be different for each organization.

Moreover, ignoring those selected aspects often leads to mechanistic use of agile techniques, which does not deliver any achievement, which are source of frustration for people and which lead to consequent abandonment.

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