Paweł Pustelnik
Project manager, Future Processing, Poland

Currently: Project Manager responsible for Change Project (inside organization) and Supervisor for external project’s leaders. Previously: Project Leader, Team Leader, Delivery Manager – developing web sites applications and managing development team.


There is no single correct agile organization definition. One can say that it is all about consistent delivery. Another one says it is all about constant learning and knowledge sharing. I would like to talk about our understanding based on our company’s case.

In my presentation I want to show how we’ve grown our culture starting from a small group of engineers to hundreds of People today. I want to show when and how we reached higher levels of our own organizational awareness, what experiments we tried and which obstacles we encountered. I would like to explain the importance of company’s mission, vision and values, how our organization has been discovering these elements so far and how they determine our way of working.

This story will be presented from the perspective of client benefits. With the use of real examples, experiences and our best practices I will show how our culture determines our relations with clients.

Participants will learn, what the aspects of strong culture are; how we can measure them and how clients can really benefit from that culture.

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