Vojtěch Bárta
QA Engineer Lead, Vendavo CZ, Czech Republic

I believe quality should be defined by satisfaction of all stakeholders. I found it is far behind requirements, implementation, testing, etc.

Of course, these are all still important activities but you are as good in them as you are good in other aspects Agile encourage you to do, like communication, interaction, trust, commitment, business understanding, etc.

I work as lead of QA Department in Vendavo managing 25 QAs on dozens of customer projects. I also work on one of them as QA to do not loose touch with the reality.


Agile team is the group of different people, roles and individuals, but we all share the same goal = Deliver real value and enjoy it.

There was an idea that quality equals testing and only testers are responsible for it. Of course it is not true and Agile cleared out that testing itself is only measurement and it does not bring any quality itself. You cannot test Quality in; you need to build it in.

If Quality is understood as “Satisfaction of all stakeholders” than it needs to be responsibility of all of them. Each role and team member needs to contribute from its point of view and collaborate with others. Testing is still very important but it is only small piece of puzzle called Quality Assurance. So what are the other pieces?

I would like to share with you what is my vision of QA journey through the project life cycle, what the pieces are, how to bring them together, where to start, etc.

I will speak for example about:

  • Business understanding = grooming, sizing, planning
  • Expectations agreement between Devs and QAs = do we have same expectations, who will test what?
  • Handover to QA = demo to QA when development is done
  • Internal weekly demos
  • Demo
  • Retrospective
  • Customer involvement during whole Sprint
  • And others

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