Zsolt Zsuffa

Zsolt Zsuffa

Software Architect, IT Codex Ltd., Hungary

Next Steps Toward Business Activity – Business Model Driven Development

Agile Software Development is about business agility from it’s inception. Jim Highsmith: „Agility is the ability to both create and respond to change in order to profit in a turbulent business environment.“

In the last decade under agile software development umbrella dozens of revolutionary new ideas have been invented, including: Extreme Programming, Scrum, Test Driven Development, Agile Modeling, Domain Driven Design, Behaviour Driven Development, Lean, Kanban, and many more. All of these concepts turned to be useful for increasing software development productivity and predictability. Nowadays from small start-up companies to large international enterprises are practicing different subsets of these techniques around the world. Despite of the fact that the software development industry has built a huge body of knowledge in all of these areas, in general agile movement did not increased business agility as expected. If we’re looking for the root causes of this disappointment we’ll find 4 fundamental dysfunctions:

  1. Agile methodologies (XP, Scrum) context was the project the enterprise and it’s hard to take way from this viewpoint
  2. Coupling and cohesion of different agile techniques APM, DDD, TDD, CI was overlooked
  3. The Business Idea to Working Software transformation’s is still ineffective
  4. The strong relationship between the previous points and the Enterprise Architecture was neglected

Business Model Driven Development attempts to improve the cohesiveness of different agile techniques by extending them toward enterprise scale software development. A fundamental idea of BMDD is to use information rich Domain & Business Model which:

• helps to develop a ubiquitous language use by all stakeholders
• facilitates user story definition
• provides context for acceptance testing
• and directly implementable

About Zsolt Zsuffa

Zsolt is software architect and managing director of IT Codex Ltd. Scope of his business is developing, planning and modeling of complex object oriented software systems. Motivating power of his activity is the search for methods of effective software development; therefore he turned his attention towards the agile software development methodologies in the latter years. He introduced the Rational Unified Process into more Hungarian and European projects, furthermore some elements of Agile Modeling and eXtreme Programming. He manages challenging client-projects to collect knowledge and experience in the usability and employment of agile methodologies. On the basis of this knowledge he practices advanced consulting. In his educational activity and training courses he share his experience collected in development projects and in consulting. He is an active organizer and participant of professional programs in the Hungarian professional community life. Besides, he is the founder of the Hungarian Association of Agile Software Developers.