Have you ever wonder what to do to make your Team as happy and passionate as kids playing their favorite game? How to help your Team to make their daily routine amazing and very inspiring experience? Gamification can be one of the answers. Adding serious games, funware, grain of gamification may help in finding creative solutions, thinking out of the box, and making them happier than ever before. The idea is to run agile ceremonies in a gamified way – to use games to improve the processes, find solutions to encountered problems, and feel as an amazing team of superheroes who can deliver extraordinary projects. Game(s) should be adjusted to team's culture and needs.


  1. Let's get to know each other! – Initial retrospective to set common goals
  2. Workshop Planning Game – to arrange the workshop agenda according to common goals
  3. Gamification – short introduction
  4. Gamified Agile – funware to agile routine/ceremonies – how-to + examples (real life cases)
  5. Let's Try It in Crazy Cake Way!

    a. FunScrum

    b. Gamified Planning

    c. Funware Iteration

    d. Magic Retrospective

  6. Next Step (Sum Up)

Goals of the Workshop:

  1. Familiarize with gamification concepts in practice
  2. Participate in agile ceremonies enhanced with gamification flavor
  3. Exchange various experience
  4. Discuss problems occurring in various teams and find solutions
  5. Networking + fun

How to register:

  • Students VUT Brno: Secretariat faculty of information technology
  • Students Masaryk University: Secretariat faculty of informatics
  • Students – all other universities: conference@agilia.cz

Course Parameters

Duration: 1/2 day, afternoon – (registered students only)

Date: 28. March 2013, 14:00 – 17:00

Price: 290 CZK (11,50 EUR). Price includes VAT and single entry to Agilia Conference.

Venue: Y Soft Corporation

Language: English

Trainer: Monika Konieczny, Poland http://agiliaconference.com/…ka-konieczny