1. Introduction

Self-Sustainability is fundamental for long-term maintenance of well being, emotional balance and high performance. In today’s corporate culture however, uncertainty, change and fast speed lead many business people towards unhealthy stress responses and overwhelming anxiety. In these energy draining states, people become fearful, defensive, uncommunicative, aggressive, negative, narrow focused and easily susceptible to burn-out. With the development of skills to self-sustain, we re-gain access to the resources which foster creativity, resilience, self-motivation, energy and high performance.

2. Agenda

  1. Why self sustainability?
  2. The first skill: RECOGNIZE (theory and practice)
  3. The second skill: NEUTRALIZE (theory and practice)
  4. Biofeedback as a skill reflector and trainer
  5. The third skill: REFLECTION (theory and practice)
  6. Q&A
  7. How to apply in your daily routine?

3. Targeted Outcome

Combining theory, scientific facts and hands-on experience, the workshop participants will…

  1. …learn about the physiology of stress response and anxiety
  2. …learn how to change these states in order to become self-sustainable
  3. …learn simple and practical techniques that can be used daily to affect these states
  4. …understand the skills of RECOGNIZING, NEUTRALIZING and REFLECTING
  5. …become aware and motivated that they CAN change

4. Methods

  1. Presentation
  2. Live Biofeedback on individuals
  3. Teaching of techniques

Course parameters

Lenght: 1/2 day

Date: 26. March 2013, 12:30 – 17:00

Venue: Y Soft Corporation

Language: English

Trainer: John Styffe