Gaspar Nagy

Gaspar Nagy

Developer Coach, Creator of SpecFlow, TechTalk, Hungary

BDD crash-course for Product Owners

I'm a developer. Similarly to other developers, I like dealing with technologies, architectures and solutions. I also like thinking about ways how to do this better and better. 2009 was the first time I encountered behavior driven development (BDD) – as a tool to extend our agile development process to the entire project, including testers and product owners. BDD works like a glue that connects and reinforces agile methods you already use, making one plus one more than two.

BDD is still often regarded as a developer tool, so in this session, I would like to explain why Product Owners should care about BDD: What it is good for? What benefits you might expect? What is the role and responsibility of a product owner in a BDD process? How to enroll the BDD process in an agile team?

Presentation to download: PDF (3,27 MB)

About Gáspár Nagy

Gáspár is an agile developer coach with more than 10 years of experience in enterprise software development. Currently he works for TechTalk as leading software architect. His current focus lies on making BDD common sense on the .NET platform, in which he is also leading the open source project SpecFlow.