This workshop is designed as a game to get real life personal experience of highly changing business environment and to clearly see the customer & vendor cooperation and negotiation. Interactive game form brings you a real life experience and understanding of practicalities that makes the difference between successful and failed implementation, yet in safe environment.

The game will help you to: • understand key events of agile project (planning, estimating, embracing changes) • understand key aspects of agile contracts • efficiently formulate requirements as user stories • prioritize and estimate requirements to get business advantages • use open scope to react faster to changing business environment • steer and control an Agile project • cooperate within development teams to maximize delivered value • initiate a more smooth acceptance testing • see needs of improvement in your own organization

Brief agenda of the workshop: • Introduction, goals and expectations • Experience the consequences of traditional development • Brief introduction to Agile and Scrum • Agile game exercise • Sum-up of the game – lessons learnt • Topic discussion – Backlog of items collected during the day

This game was originally designed for IT customers to teach them specifics of Agile cooperation between customer and vendor as well as Agile contracts aspects. Therefore participants do not need to have any Agile knowledge. The value for experience Agile followers is in simulation of customer and vendor discussions and negotiations (based on our personal experience) as well as Agile contracts practicalities.

Course specifications

Course length: 1 day

Date: 24. March 2014 09:00 – 17:00

Venue: Aguarra center

Language: Czech

Trainer: Jaroslav Prochazka & Tomas Turecek