Dave Snowden

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Cognitive Edge Pte Ltd, United Kingdom

Keynote: Moving away from a manufacturing metaphor in software development

Suzanne Robertson

Principal and Founder, The Atlantic Systems Guild, United Kingdom

Uncovering the essence of the problem – how to find what your client really needs

Arie van Bennekum

Agile Expert, Co-Author of Agile Manifesto, Netherlands

Is Agile something you have to do or something you have to be?

Gojko Adzic

Partner, Author, Trainer, Neuri Consulting, United Kingdom

Make Impacts, Not Software

Michal Vallo

Agile Coach, Trainer, Manager and CEO, Aguarra, Czech and Slovak Republics

4 Layers of Agility for Organizations & Case Studies

Zoltán Csutorás

Scrum Mate Product Owner, Hungary

Backlog and team assignment models for real-life software development scenarios. How to manage my backlogs and teams if we can’t implement pure Scrum framework?

Darrell Mann

CEO and Technical Director, Systematic Innovation, United Kingdom

TRIZ For IT: Understanding Unspoken Customer Needs & Generating Breakthrough Solutions

Thorsten Janning

CSO at KEGON AG, Germany

The Framework for an agile organization: The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

Egor Sviridenko

European Business Development, Targetprocess, Belarus

I SEE! – or how unconventional visualization helps in agile projects

Christof Braun

Certified Scrum Master a licenced Management 3.0 trainer, Manageagile, Germany

Show me the money, or: how to pay employees in an Agile organization

Tom Holsøe

Partner, Advokat, Kammeraadvokaten, Denmark

The new Danish model contract on the development and delivery of large scale it-systems based on an agile method – experiences, ways of use and models of payment

Robert Chudý

CEO, Seerce, Czech Republic

What is GTD and why should you care?

Robert Batušek

Agile Coach, Solar Winds, Czech Republic

How to fight technical debt?

Stephanie Gasche

Agile Coach, borisgloger, Austria

Lessons learned from agile transformation in large energy company.

Michael Börner

Account Director and Scrum Master Edenspiekermann, Germany

The agile agency – Confessions of a scrum master and a creative director.

Luis Gonçalves

Agile Coach, Co-Author, Speaker and a Blogger, Portugal

Creating High Performing Teams in an Agile Context:

Kaveh Kalantar

Entrepreneur. Project Manager. Product Strategist, United Kingdom

Theory of Constraints applied in international organization.

Javier Perez Fernandez

Business Analyst, Scrum Master, Spain

The importance of a proper understanding of Minimum Viable Product.

Christian Hanke

Creative Director with Edenspiekerman, Germany

The agile agency – Confessions of a scrum master and a creative director

Haran Rasalingam

Agile Consultant and Coach, TCS Global Consulting Practice, United Kingdom

Agile is dead! Going beyond the „Agile“ buzzword.

Bruno Rossi

Assistent Professor at the department of Computer System and Communications Masaryk University, Italy / Czech Republic

Requirements Analysis and Emergent Design in Agile Software Development Practices

Samuel Mikel Bowles

Vice President, Mutually Human, USA

Wasted Experiences — Going Lean Without Sacrificing Delight

Cesario Ramos

Scrum coach, Trainer, Agilix, Spain / Netherlands

Play on the Path to Agility

Adam Michalczyk

Agile Coach, Allegro Group, Poland

I am not failing, I am learning

Jim Whitelaw

Principal Consultant denovoPRO Consulting, Canada

7 Lessons Learned Implementing and Scaling Agile

Anders Olesen

Director, Beyond Budgeting Institute, Denmark

Beyond Budgeting – a management model for complex, dynamic and unpredictable business environments

Bent Myllerup

Certified Scrum Trainer and Agile Coach, Denmark

Will agile work in my embedded development environment?

Eduard Liebenberger

Speaker, agile coach, trainer, Germany

How to change your company (culture) forever – and become an agile organization?

Francesco Degrassi

Trainer Lean Software Develoment, Italy

Building software that matters!

Mariusz Sieraczkiewicz

Coach, speaker, trainer, author. BNS IT, Poland

Structured soft skills (not only) for Technical Leaders.

Vladimir Ivanov

Consultant, trainer, IPMA B Assesor, ITSM, Latvia

ITIL Expert Telco „Nearshore Service Desk development story“ Kinnevik/Tele2

Dr. Jürgen Hoffmann

Scrum Coach and Trainer, Germany

Yesterday developer, now a ScrumMaster – Which skills does a ScrumMaster really need?

Michael Jurek

IT consultant, freelance, Czech Republic

Live Demo: Agile Dev/Test infrastructure for individuals and global teams; From Zero to continuous delivery in 45 minutes.

Dov Tsal Sela

Scrum Master & Agile coach, Ullink, France

Learn to sketch to agility

Paul Woods

Design director, speaker and author with Edenspiekerman, Germany

The agile agency – Confessions of a scrum master and a creative director