A two day interactive training in DSDM

  • With autor of the Agile Manifesto Arie van Bennekum as your trainer and facilitator
  • Learning all about the full delivery Agile method DSDM with links with Prince-2, Scrum, DevOps
  • Learning all about end-to-end Agile, the project life-cycle, products, roles, techniques, testing, timeboxing, success factors, do’s and don’ts, weekly hart beats, frequently participating end-users, Return on Investment.
  • 2 day’s with debate, theory, interaction, intervision and great laughs
  • With handy gadgets such as hands on tips and tricks, handout, pocketbooks, etc.

What you will learn in the course?

  • How to work Agile from the very beginning when even the client has no real clue yet
  • Roles, skills, expertise and team dynamics
  • How to timeboxe, prioritise and prototype
  • How to welcome new requirements at any moment in the project
  • How to test from the very beginning until the final implementation
  • Using Agile techniques the right way to create success
  • How to have a focus on quality
  • How to overcome resistance at either Ops or the Client organization when you want to implement
  • How to manage time, budget and acceptance of the client, end users and delivering team at the same time

More information about the course you can find at website Aguarra).

Course specifications

Course length: 2 days

Date: 27 – 28. March 2014 09:00 – 17:00

Venue: Aguarra center

Language: English

Trainer: Arie van Bennekun, Netherlands