Attendance at this workshop will provide participants with an operational understanding of how to use complexity theory in their work. It will be organized in four sessions. The first will introduce the base theory, the remainer will mix methods with exercises.

  • Setting the context: Diving deeper into complexity, balancing consensus against evidence to measure the level of uncertainty. Risk reduction in systems. The use of micro-narrative approaches to user requirements capture, continuous feedback in development and monitoring for impact.
  • Creating the cynefin framework in context for a project, its use as a fractal (self-similar) model to connect IT with the wider organization.
  • Designing safe-to-fail experiments as a portfolio and as a pre-scrum process. Creating the conditions in which novel, unexpected but beneficial results can emerge from interaction between the user community (not their representative) and coders.
  • Beyond persona, the use of archetypes to represent users in design and implementation.

More information about workshop you can find at web site Aguarra.

Course specifications

Course length: 1 day

Date: 24. March 2014 09:00 – 17:00

Venue: Aguarra center

Language: English

Trainer: Dave Snowden