Everyone knows that capturing the Voice of the Customer is a vital part of any organization, whether it be public or private, profit or non-profit, product or services. Unfortunately, what every organization knows is that the customer is very often completely unable to tell us what they want next. Sure they will know to ask for smaller, faster and cheaper, but, to quote Henry Ford, what they are asking for is a better horse and not a car.

Paradoxically, of course, as soon as the customer sees the breakthrough innovation – the cell-phone, digital camera, Wii, eBay, the iPod – they instinctively know that that is what they want.

So, they don’t know what to ask for beforehand, but as soon as they see it (or pretty soon after), they know that they want it. What can organizations do in this situation?


  • Big Picture Overview – outcome: understanding why so many attempts (98+%) to understand customers go wrong, and what the successful companies do that the rest somehow fail to do.
  • Innovation = commercially successful step-change = Voice of Customer x Voice of System outcome: gain an understanding of the DNA of innovation success and awareness that there is a science of understanding the real voice of the customer
  • Voice Of Customer Dimension 1 – How We Think outcome: there are 2 critical dimensions required to understand why customers often seem to behave in ‘unpredictable’ ways. In this section we explore the first of those two dimensions: our thinking styles and how we organize the information in our heads. In this section, we conduct a questionnaire so delegates get to calibrate themselves against the various universal Thinking Styles
  • Voice Of Customer Dimension 2 – Generational Cycles outcome: in this section we learn about the second critical dimension and explore the high degree of predictability found in generational patterns: many factors that were present 4 generations ago, are predictably with us again today. We learn what this means for the way we design our products and services and get to predict trends that haven’t started yet.
  • Voice of Customer Interactions – unravelling the complexities of societal trend patterns outcome: practical tools that allow the complexity of societal trends to be mapped in a meaningful way and learning that the real trick to seeing the real voice of the customer lies between different trends rather than in them
  • Voice of System – Predictable Evolution Of Technical & Business Systems outcome: once we understand what the customer really wants, the next job is to deliver them the right solution. In this section we learn a pair of tools that will enable rapid convergence of successful solutions. Someone, somewhere has already solved your problem is the hypothesis; here we show you how to find them.
  • Putting It All Together outcome: an overall process that delegates can take back to their organizations.

More information about the workshop you can find at web site Aguarra.

Course specifications

Course length: 1 day

Date: 27. March 2014 09:00 – 17:00

Venue: Aguarra center

Language: English

Trainer: Darrell Mann, United Kingdom