Cesario Ramos - Speaker

Cesario Ramos
Lean Agile Product Development Coach, AgiliX Agile Consulting, The Netherlands / Portugal

Cesario Ramos is the founder of AgiliX, a small network organization that guides agile improvements throughout Europe. He works as a Lean & Agile product development coach on large scale and small scale Agile adoption and as a certified LeSS trainer, Professional Scrum trainer from Scrum.org and Qualified Innovation Games® Instructor.

Over the years Cesario wrote numerous papers on agile development and is the author of the book ‘EMERGENT – Lean & Agile adoption for an innovative workplace’. He is happy to be an active member of the ScrumPloP® community and is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world.

Cesario strongly believes that fun at the workplace is essential for success.



The design of a race car is optimised for speed and agility; the design of a truck is optimised for efficient transportation and mileage. Just like a vehicle your organisational design also has an optimisation goal.

Do you know for what goal you want to optimise? And is your organisational design in line with that goal?

In this workshop/session we discuss organisational design for large scale Agile product development and how to get there. We will share practices, recommendations, examples and real life struggles of companies transitioning.


Take Aways:

  • Understand organisational design for Agility and Shortest Lead Time.
  • Insights into practices that you can try in your own organisation

Cesario Ramos

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