Russ Lewis
Coach, Storm Consulting, United Kingdom

Russ Lewis (@ConsultStorm) coaches some of the world’s largest organisations towards Predictable Agile Delivery. He’s a ‚big picture‘ techie-turned management guru who now gets his kicks helping team members and managers succeed. He does this by engaging at all levels and facilitating the communications that lead to improvement.
Russ architected and led Transport for London’s Contactless Fares payments system and the expansion of Oyster card to National Rail; supported the Agile transformation at Amadeus SAS and currently spends his time helping to run a global DevOps program at an investment bank, speaking at conferences and writing for InfoQ.



The role of the agile manager is to enable knowledge-based work. As ‚enablers‘, managers are there to remove blockers, increase competence and assure collaboration and prioritisation. Except nobody’s told them that officially. Many managers in large organisations are simply doing what they’ve been trained to do – protecting the assets of the organisation from their unpredictable employees!

Their managers, the senior managers, really do want everything that Agile and Lean offer, but are usually too busy to make a journey of change for themselves. Their own success is testament to the prevailing value system, so it is absurd to expect them to adopt a different set of values such as Agile’s.

However, all is not lost as Russ reveals in this talk (for everyone, especially managers) and workshop aimed at managers and their managers!

miniWorkshop (AMC Track)


Attendees will learn how to solve real challenges by defining the necessary outcomes first and working backwards to tackle the obstacles and assumptions that normally prevent success. The approach uses Lean Startup style experiments to reduce the risks and Six Thinking Hats® techniques to maximise collaboration. It challenges old-fashioned approaches without involving Lego®!

Russ Lewis

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miniWorkshop (AMC Track):
The Outcome-driven Approach to Management

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