Allen Ringel
Lean/Agile Transformation Leader, Intel Corporation, USA

Allen is a senior Lean/Agile transformation leader at Intel Corporation. He has 20 years of experience gained by working in various capacities, ranging from developing code & managing large software teams to applying Lean/Agile techniques in software, product development, & manufacturing. He has implemented Lean/Agile principles, frameworks, and tools to hundreds of development teams and has applied Lean/Agile techniques to major microprocessor projects. Ringel recently led a major transformation within Intel on a global scale which continues to be studied and duplicated with great success in software and hardware teams across the corporation.

Presentation (unofficial track)


Learn about the design, implementation, results and learning from a large scale agile transformation and its progress over the last 3 years.  Discover how to engage everyone in an environment where innovation thrives and standard work, sustainable pace, and training are common place.  Learn from an example of how an organization of 5000 people engaged in an agile journey fostering predictable, high quality execution (agile, scrum, scaling, capacity planning) and the challenges that were encountered. Also, how standardization (steps, consensus building, decision making, implementation, improving) and problem solving (A3, prevention, mentoring, knowledge reuse) play an important part of the culture.

Presentation (unofficial track):
Leading an Agile Transformation at Scale

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