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Agile is today adopted by many organizations, in many different forms. We can see examples of achievements, where adoption of agile principles delivered significant value. There are also situations, where adoption of agile principles did not delivered expected results.

At Agilia Conference we wants to discuss Agile and LEAN Innovation – how adoption of agile techniques helped organizations to innovate – be it a product, process, customer service, business model, organizational structure, culture or values.

We invite you to share with us your experience. Participate at the event with your presentations, talks, workshops, success stories, case studies or demonstrations. We welcome interactive speeches or micro-workshops. Join in with lightning talks. Share your personal experience with others.

In 2016 we aim presentations at two main types of audience. First, management of organizations, for focused learning on organizational obstacles and to provide managers with new skills and inspiration. Second – product managers, developers and other technical people to provide new ideas or experience. Because Agilia Conference – it is a space to share ideas, experiences and gain new inspirations.

What type of presentations are we looking for?

  • How does agile organization deal with innovation, new product development, structures, culture, and customer care?
  • What new techniques are you trying and what are your outcome? Why classic Scrum does not work for you?
  • What was motivation in your organization to start agile techniques? Benefits of agile environment, why we should change? Engagement techniques, how to get people engaged and motivated? At all levels of organization?
  • And how to engrave agility to become part of the culture? Challenges for Scrum Masters or Agile Coaches.
  • How to keep people enthusiastic over longer period of time?
  • How to specify requirements so developers will understand them? How to engage developers & other parties to agile requirements gathering?
  • How to create and measure value?

Agile Adoption Path

  • How to execute Agile Transformation (corporate agile transition), what are practical steps to implement agility? Metrics, evaluation, outcomes.
  • What was your agile adoptions path? Random approach or complete methodology? Successes and failures.

Non IT implementations

  • Examples and experiences from agile adoption in non ICT or software organizations are particularly valuable.

Program add-ons: Diversions

A space to share ideas, experiences and for inspirations.

Various topics:

  • Demo of products developed in agile teams and organizations and how agility contributed to product success.
  • Demo of products, which makes live of agile teams easier.
  • Start-ups organizations, where agility contributed to survival and/or growth.

And various formats:

  • Mini working sessions to demo techniques helping with communication.
  • Half day or full day workshops.

Important requirements for review process

We require new presentations, which has not yet been presented at other conferences and are written exclusively for Agilia Conference. If you have difficulty to meet this requirement, contact us for consultation.

How we process applications:

  • Submitted applications are verified by organizers.
  • Additional information are requested (if necessary).
  • Interview with organizers.
  • Suggestion for improvement issued, or approved.
  • Alternatively proposal is declined.

CFP process has no deadline. Aguarra organizes more events throughout the year and occasionally applicants are transferred to another event, if it fits better.

Special request for speakers:

Agilia Conference aims at maximization of learning value. Both for delegates and for the speakers. Therefore we prefer speakers to stay both days, engage with program and be available for discussion with delegates. If you are planning to deliver speech/mini-workshop and then runaway to catch your flight, you are most probably not a right fit for this event.

CFP for parallel track Agile Management Congress you can find HERE.

If you have suitable proposal, questions and suggestions, let us know. Send us message!

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