Tatevik Stepanyan
Scrum Master, , Armenia / Czech Republic

Tatevik is a passionate Agile Follower, Scrum Master, Product Manager with more than 7 years of agile experience and over 5 years of traditional project management experience. She believes that great products can only be created by motivated people. Tatevik spends most of her time supporting collaboration and communication between teams in the organization, helping her teams become more effective by the adoption of agile values and principles. Agile for Tatevik is lifestyle. She loves learning new things, hanging out with friends, travelling.

She has master degree in “Management Information Systems” and is Certified Scrum Master.



Teamwork is indispensable part of Agile culture. Employer can force the team to follow set up processes, participate any company routines but if employees do not share the same vision and trust, in the best scenario they can build average product and of course they can’t be agile. If we look background of the successful companies, the key factor for building great products is motivated team work. But how to build motivated teams? This is when we need to look back and once more understand the core of the team building theories. What is secret sauce of software development success? In this talk I want to answer these questions and make it emphasized that having motivated teams is key success for the organization. In the end I will share some of my experiences with working different teams across the world.

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