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Slovak government IT is not yet an agile friendly environment. While EU funds are welcomed opportunity to enhance Slovak electronic government, there is a huge bureaucratic burden and strict waterfall processes related to every IT project for government. Moreover, there is a common fear that we buy pig in a poke because agile project does not state a fix scope to be delivered.

We had an opportunity to work on a project that had the defined vision but unclear requirements. Moreover there was the deadline defined by the law. These circumstances helped us to persuade Ministry of Justice to work agile way. We want to share what went well, what failed and to start a discussion how to help establish agile in conservative environment.

Presented by: Vojtech Balint, solution architect, product owner, DXC.technology, Slovak Republic

About Vojtech:
Vojto has been leading IT projects for last six years focusing on bringing innovations to government environment. His team performed the first usability testing in lab for Ministry of Interior, created mobile screening solution for Slovak border police when phones does not have fingerprint reader and Samsung s3 was hot new gadget. For five years he has tried to use agile approach on Slovak eGovernment projects.

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