Chris Holland
Director of Engineering, TriNet - Cloud Division, Texas, USA

Based in Austin, Texas, Chris Holland leads a Software Engineering Team at a leading Professional Employer Organization in the U.S.. Throughout a career spanning more than 20 years, Chris has held Sr. Engineering and Leadership roles for small and large successful publicly-traded companies such as EarthLink and Internet Brands, serving business models across Content, Commerce, Travel & Finance on a wide variety of technology stacks including PHP/LAMP, Java/J2EE and C#/.Net, catering to audiences over 100 million monthly visitors.



If you ask of any company these days whether or not they consider themselves to be „agile“, the vast majority will answer in the affirmative, and proudly point you to the many „agile processes“ they follow, and „agile tools“ they use.

And yet … in spite of all this „agility“, as our meticulously-planned „sprints“ take longer to execute, as our backlogs fill-up with overhead having nothing to do with core business value, as it gets exponentially difficult to predict just “what” is going to be delivered and “when”, it feels like just about every software project we end-up working on, doesn’t quite deliver on this feeling of overabundant „agility“.

We will explore various challenges that we software engineers face, and offer practical approaches to overcome them, such that we might deliver sustained business value as we evolve toward True Agility.

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