Semen Cirit Arslan
Product Release Manager, Agile Coach, Netaş, Turkey

Semen Cirit Arslan, who had graduated from Galatasaray University and had a master’s degree from Sabancı University. She had worked as a developer, educator, coordinator and manager in many different sectors such as university, bank, telecommunication, server, virtualization and operating systems. She is currently works as a Product Release Manager, and is also helping companies for Agile transformation and trainings.

Since about 2009 she is dealing with Open Source, Agile and Lean. She is a frequent speaker for last 4 years. She had given talks on AgileTurkey, JavaDays, Google Developer Group and Women Tech Makers conferences and events.



High level estimations are being used especially for taking business decisions.

They can effect budget projections, sales proposals, marketing plans, and investment decisions etc.

But those estimations do not include accidental complications and most of the time they are not accurate, moreover we are wasting time while we are estimating.

Instead of doing investigations and wasting time for estimations, our proposal is to use data analytics and do the product/feature forecasts automatically. As data analytics will run on previous releases or products issue tracking data, it will also calculate struggled times that had been faced before. Therefore the accuracy of the business plans will be augmented while the time is reducing.

A case study on Atlassian Jira will also be expressed to show the high level estimation accuracy.

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