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Agilia Conference is Central European conference about agile methods. Narrow focus on selected topics and private exclusive content makes this event unique. Every year we present, what it is agile, why it is important for knowledge based business, what benefits it brings to organizations and how to implement required changes.

Gladly, and based on feedback from speakers and delegates, Agilia Conference ranks among top 5 conferences in Europe on Agile 5 days of program, more than 40 presentations and 10 workshops! Important component of the conference is networking: it enables visitors having expert discussions or gaining new business partners.

We wants to invite everyone to the table – aiming at more than 400 delegates from all European countries and overseas, including: CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, IT directors, R&D directors, CFOs, ScrumMasters, Product Owners, product designers, idea makers, decision makers and stakeholders, project managers, heads of PMOs, team managers, line managers, team leaders, HR managers, software development managers, heads of software engineering, program managers, heads of quality assurance, test engineers, developers, software architects, consultants, start-up-ers, investors, technology lawyers, customer care managers, coaches and trainers.

In 2016 conference topic is „Agile and Lean Innovation“.


7 reasons that makes Agilia Conference so unique.

1. Every year different speakers. In fact, there is currently 2 year ban for speakers to present again. It helps us to guarantee completely fresh and attractive content for returning audience.

2. All for improvement of tech business at single place: Agile management and sw development, financial management, project management, innovation management, R&D.

3. Top personalities from world of agile and business. Authors of agile manifesto, authors of beyond budgeting, authors of managerial techniques, founders of many agile project techniques, successful entrepreneurs, leading visionaries.

4. Verified presenters. All presenters are screened to make sure, they are indeed experts on given topic. No more presentation of “successful scrum deployment” from people with less than few weeks of practice.

5. Success stories are verified on-site. Not anymore presentation of fake achievements and hidden company PR for HR market. Agilia Conference is the only place in the world with strong screening policy in place.

6. Unique content. Only novel presentations are accepted, which were not yet presented anywhere else. Simply, all presentations are written exclusively for Agilia.

7. Presentation of newly published books. Authors of the books choose Agilia as one of their first promo platform.

Organization Team



Jaroslava Ceplechová,
Conference Manager

Michal Vallo,
Conference Chair

Agilia Conference is Aguarra event.

Aguarra, s.r.o.
Plzenska 157/98
15000 PRAHA 5
Czech Republic
EU VAT: CZ24700649
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