Adam Mitchell
Senior Solutions Developer, Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom

Adam has been working in IT and Software development for just over 20 years, since graduating from Queen Mary’s University, London. Starting off developing applications in Visual Basic and Access, Adam has progressed through to up to date web technologies and backend databases.

Adam is now a technical lead at Anglia Ruskin University, providing them with software applications and solutions. As well as primarily being a software developer, he has project managed several agile projects including the ‘Pain Community Centre’ website for Cardiff University, which was nominated for ‘Best Agile Team’ in the 2013 Agile Awards.

Adam is both a Scrum Master and a DSDM practitioner, and believes the key to being agile is down to the strength of your team’s commitment and conviction.


A few years ago I project managed the development of a website for Cardiff University using DSDM.

Despite not following every aspect of the framework, we managed to deliver a great product, on time, and with a lot of fun along the way.

Join me on the journey of how the website was developed, looking at how DSDM helped us achieve our goal, and a realistic view on what worked well and what could have been improved if we had the chance again, focusing on the 8 principles that underpin DSDM.

Adam Mitchell

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