James Archer
Product Management Consultant, The Atlantic Systems Guild, United Kingdom

James is a business analyst, consultant, teacher, writer and innovator. James is co-editor and contributing author of Business Analysis and Leadership (Kogan Page, 2014). He identifies the key to great business analysis as an inclusive leadership style, thinking innovatively, working collaboratively, acting strategically and helping people discover their real requirements.

James is one of the founders and organisers of the Business Analysis European Conference now in its seventh year. In 2009 he was awarded Business Analyst of the Year, and he has a Masters with Distinction in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership (Minnov) from City University.

James is an associate of the Atlantic Systems Guild and has contributed to the development of and taught the Volere approach to requirements and business analysis for the last 8 years.

Specialising in health and social care, he brings a track record of designing and delivering innovative solutions to complex problems. His key role is to help senior stakeholders understand the wider strategic and business change implications of potential solutions. He also has a rare ability to enable people at all levels of an organisation to work and think together in pursuit of lasting change.

James is a Director of Public World, who are UK partners of Buurtzorg, a not-for-profit organization in the Netherlands that is transforming the way care at home is delivered by nurse-lead self-managed teams. Buurtzorg has grown from a team of 4 nurses in 2007 to over 800 teams of 9,500 nurses with a back office of only 45 staff and has won employer of the year in the Netherlands for 4 out of the last 5 years. James is working with Guys and St Thomas Hospital in London and other NHS organisations to adapt and adopt the Buurtzorg model to the UK context.


Whichever agile techniques you are using you still need to know the requirements. This talk explains how the Volere requirements techniques provide a checklist and framework to connect agile development and iterative business change. You can use the techniques to discover, communicate and manage requirements according to the technological and sociological characteristics of how you need to work.

James illustrates how he connects Volere techniques and thinking to his work as the UK partner of Buurtzorg, the Dutch organisation founded by Jos de Blok. Buurtzorg delivers neighborhood care at home using self managed teams of nurses. In 9 years this has grown from 4 nurses to 9,500 nurses in 800 teams with a back office of only 45 people with no managers.

James shows how Volere techniques have been central to adapting the Buurtzorg model of care from the Netherlands context to the UK context. This has meant developing business models and testing, learning and adapting  Buurtzorg software to support adoption of the model within the massively complex UK National Health Service (NHS). James will illustrate how Buurtzorg increases agility by using the ‘How now Brown Cow’ model to put the client at the heart of everything they do. You will then see how the self managed teams are simply a means of achieving that goal.


This one day workshop introduces a complete process for uncovering the real requirements, testing them for correctness, and recording them clearly, comprehensibly and unambiguously. This requirements process starts with the business—for it is only within the business that you can discover the real needs. When you know the real needs, it is possible to determine the system that best serves those needs, and to specify, completely and innovatively, the requirements to get that system built. Correctly.

More about workshop you can find at website here.

James Archer

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