Łukasz Węgrzyn
Senior Lawyer, Maruta and Partners, Poland

Łukasz Węgrzyn is a senior lawyer at Maruta and Partners; he specializes in IT law and intellectual property law. During his practice Łukasz advised on several outsourcing and IT software implementation projects in TMT and banking & finance sector. In the course of projects he advises on all stages of the process, starting from offerings, through contract negotiations, to deal closing.

Before joining Maruta and Partners team Łukasz was an in-house lawyer for one of the major media publishing company in Poland (Agora S.A.). He worked for international media company Viacom Inc. as a member of the BALA (Business and Legal Affairs), and was an in-house counsel for MTV Networks Europe. Łukasz also was a member of TMT team at „Bird & Bird Law Firm“ (Warsaw office), one of the leading international law firms, specializing in TMT and intellectual property sector.

In addition, Łukasz often joins panels as a law expert on workshops, lectures and conferences dedicated to IT law as well as intellectual property and copyright law. Łukasz is also an assistant lecturer of IT Law at Warsaw University at Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics.


Agile projects from a legal point of view. Is it possible to write an agile based contract and if so, how does it differ from traditional waterfall agreement? Is it true that contracts are written only for tough times or maybe a real good contract could prevent us from a legal battlefield nightmare? Moreover, maybe it’s high time to think of contracts as a project management tool, rather than just a piece of boring formal papers? What are pros & cons of agile software contracts and, last but not least, why lawyers should also start to be agile…


Łukasz Węgrzyn

Legal side of Agile

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