Olli Pietikäinen
Lean-Agile Consultant , Nitor Delta, Finland

I help organizations to find better ways how to develop software intensive products. Agile software development, lean, systems thinking and coaching leadership are close to my heart. Constantly exploring and learning how to do things better and better things.


Change agents in organizations going through agile transformation often find themselves between a rock and a hard place. All stakeholders have their own views and expectations towards the transformation. Developers, management and clients all look this from a very different perspectives. 

Presentation aims to give you tools to be mindful about your communications with different stakeholders by introducing the SCARF –model. Feelings of Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness and Fairness all play major role in regulating our behaviour on a subconscious level. Failing to take these in to account might lead to devastating misunderstanding and quarrels between people involved and might lead to failed agile adoption initiatives.  

I’ll share with you my story as a scrum master who knew all this and helped the team grow tremendously, but in the same time failed to create momentum for agile adoption with management and clients. With this I hope to give you insights how you might avoid the same pitfalls and also give you possibility to reflect on how knowing SCARF model might have helped in some difficult interaction situations we all have had. 


Olli Pietikäinen


Why every agilista should wear a SCARF

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