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Founded as regional Czech and Slovak event, Agilia Conference ranks among top 10 European Conferences on agile methodologies which is worth to visit. It is organized by Agilia Community to promote use of agile principles into industry in the region. Besides of presentations of world’s top agile influencers, it includes also experience of local users, case studies, workgroups, workshops, discussions and diversions.

Also for 2015 we plan to prepare attractive and unique program. We want to show how knowledge based companies can benefit from deployment of agile techniques, in (software) development, in sales and in operations. We present technical knowledge for developers, product management, agile project management or testers, which worth to and should be spread. In upcoming year our focus will be on hardening of organizational agile adoption.

Not less important is networking aspect of the conference. Located in center of former Czechoslovakia we make it easier for visitors to meet new people and possible business partners from greater area to exchange experience, conduct business and have fun!

March 24-25 – conference days
March 23,26,27 – workshop days

Organization Team



Jaroslava Ceplechová,
Conference Manager

Michal Vallo,
Conference Chair

Agilia Conference is Aguarra event.

Aguarra, s.r.o.
Plzenska 157/98
15000 PRAHA 5
Czech Republic
EU VAT: CZ24700649
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Agilia Conference & Agile Management Congress


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Agilia Conference & Agile Management Congress


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Agilia Conference & Agile Management Congress


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