Marcin Floryan
Lead software engineer, comparethemarket.com, Poland/UK

Software engineer obsessively drawing diagrams (some may even call that architecture). Development teams catalyst turning work into joy. Addicted to learning and experimentation, seeking forgiveness not permission. Building scalable, distributed micro services, delivering value and helping others do it.


After two years of diligent application of test driven development by experienced practitioners and with a keen eye on the testing pyramid we have achieved a test suite of good functional coverage and fair reliability. Is this what we were hoping to gain by exercising TDD? Perhaps it was. Yet also – it was not – if I mention that the tests were too slow, occasionally brittle and gradually becoming unreadable and unmaintainable.

Something had to be done so for a new project we looked at an approached championed by @serialseb – Vertical Slice Testing (VEST).

Did we achieve the TDD nirvana? Could you say we applied BDD? Is the test code more readable, stable and reliable? Come and see for yourself. Prepare to be challenged*.

* Includes plenty of code examples

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