Roberto Vaino
Productivity Software Engineer, DevOps Evangelist, IBM, Ireland / Italy

Roberto is Productivity IBM Software Engineer, keen on DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Lean Startup. A strategic thinker and problem-solver who looks at the big picture when examining problems and assessing/determining possible solutions. Self-motivated and enthusiastic team player, with excellent leadership, knowledgeable about other complementary functions and disciplines including marketing and sales, who understands and appreciates the importance to the enterprise, of value creation, value delivery, finance and strategic management.


In my presentation I want to tell you why we decided to adopt Continuous Delivery & DevOps, the problems that we had to figure out, the challenges that we have been addressing along the journey.

As a large enterprise, hundreds of developers work across different countries in different time zones while committing to the same source control, best practices and rules in order to build high quality products.

Focus on deployment, how to manage environments and infrastructure, how to deploy different builds in development/staging/production environments, how to manage many users who have access to the systems, how to automate and speed the deployment.

How to orchestrate the deployment of distributed application where different components as database, application servers and web servers need to be deployed in parallel on different nodes of a complex distributed environment. Using IBM UrbanCode Deploy we have developed an end-to-end solution in order to automatically deploy IBM Connections, reducing the deployment time from hours to minutes, eliminated 90% of manual interactions.

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