Steve Messenger
CEO, Herald Associates Limited - training, consultancy, coaching, United Kingdom

Steve is the current Chairman of the DSDM Consortium, a role which entails setting the strategy for DSDM and leading the DSDM Board of Directors. He has been involved in Agile since its inception, DSDM being one of the signatories of the Agile Manifesto, and was also pioneering iterative approaches to software development from the mid-1990s. As well as managing many Agile projects, Steve has implemented DSDM into the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry, particularly during his leadership role in Mundipharma IT Services.

More recently, Steve has been able to use his experience to help others. His reputation is strong, and he has been asked to speak at a number of conferences in Europe and the USA. He has also published articles and written blog entries on the topics of Agile Project and Programme Management and Scaled Agile. He was lead author of the DSDM Agile Programme framework and contributed to the DSDM Agile Project Framework.

Steve has also co-authored papers on DSDM and PRINCE2, applying DSDM in an offshore environment and using DSDM with PMBOK. Accredited in project management techniques such as PRINCE2, Steve still firmly believes the best training is through experience and in his 35 years has undertaken all of the IT roles from trainee programmer through to project manager for large 6 figure projects.

He now uses his experience to provide training and consultancy to large organisations, and this keeps him up to date on current Agile thinking, trends and problems.


In this presentation, Steve will explore the concepts and fundamentals of DSDM and how they ensure Agility but with control. Topics covered will include:

  • Just In Time planning
  • Setting Firm Foundations for Evolutionary Development
  • Iterative development
  • Incremental delivery of value

Steve will refer to a case study throughout the presentation. The case study shows how Agile and DSDM was used successfully to produce a Page Tracking System for a major group of US newspapers. This was an early adopter project for DSDM and still shows how Agile, when applied correctly can lead to very successful solutions. Since teams were based both in Boston MA and Cambridge UK, the case study also shows how distributed teams can work effectively in an agile environment.


Steve Messenger

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