Viktor Nagy
Tech Lead & Team Leader, Vidzor, Hungary

Viktor Nagy was building and running IT teams in the past 10 years. He did this at his own company, and later as a mid-manager at different companies, projects. Through many failures, he has learned the dos and don’t of IT project management, and found agile approaches to be the most valuable in creating a sustainable, effective and vibrant development community.


I have been building development teams in the past 10 years. During this time, I’ve learned many approaches both to people and about the development process itself. Lately, I had the possibility to build up an amazing development team at Vidzor, an interactive video company. As a mid-manager (team leader), I had to push hard the upper management to learn what agile might mean, and at the same time do my best to create a true agile environment with my developers where we can deliver value at the highest level. I think to have learned a lot about the difficulties and possibilities in running an agile development team, and would be happy to share my wisdom with you on this topic.

Viktor Nagy

Agile adoption path.

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