János Kocsány
CEO, Graphisoft Park, Hungary

János graduated as an architect, later finished postgraduate studies in economics, real-estate management and MBA. In 1981 he began his career in building industry as a site manager and had several positions, mainly on sites. He specialized on the arrangement of building process on computer. He worked on Tengiz Gas Refinery Plant project which was a huge development in Kazakhstan managed by Hungarian experts. In 1994 he started working in real-estate industry as an investment manager, where he was responsible for complex development projects. In 1996 he joined in Graphisoft R&D and since then he has been responsible for developing, leasing and maintenance of Graphisoft Park. Since 2006, when Graphisoft Park SE became an independent real-estate development company, listed on the Hungarian Stock Exchange and he has been the CEO.


Can we build workplaces that bring profit for the investor, that are popular among the tenants and offer benefits to the whole community? Is it possible that investor and users can start thinking together in a complex way, devote more attention to real goals, to achieve outstanding results?

We believe, yes. Leading businesses – especially those in R&D – know that their success depends on attracting the best professionals, whose working environment makes a big difference. Our vision was to create a park with comfortable buildings ideal to work in and even more so in an intellectual environment.

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