Tom Gilb

Lecturer, consultant and writer, author of the book Competitive Engineering, the „grandfather“ of evolutionary project management, USA & Norway

Value-Driven Development: Principles and Values.

Michal Vallo

Agile Coach, Trainer, Manager and CEO, Aguarra, Czech Republic

4 Layers of Agility

David Evans

Agile Testing Consultant and CEO, ThinkAlike Limited, United Kingdom

Setting a Good Example: Improving your SBE, BDD and ATDD artefacts

Michal Bartyzel

Author, Consultant and Trainer, BNS IT, Poland

Conversation Patterns for Software Professionals

Monika Konieczny

Scrum Master / Project manager, Akamai Technologies, Po­land

Gamified Retrospective – how to use it to become product/customer-centric team and improve communication with Product Owner?

Zoltán Csutorás

Agile coach, trainer, Adaptive Consulting, Hungary

Backlog and team assignment models for real-life software development scenarios. How to manage my backlogs and teams if we can’t implement pure Scrum framework?

Jyoti Prakash Datta

Product Owner, Application Development Team, McKinsey Digital Labs, India

People dynamics – agility to our rescue.

Jisha Sharma

Agile coach, speaker, McKinsey Digital Labs, India

People dynamics – agility to our rescue.

Kurt Nielsen

Certified Scrum Trainer,, Denmark

The Product Owner’s Work With Specifications

Gaspar Nagy

Developer Coach, Creator of SpecFlow, TechTalk, Hungary

BDD crash-course for Product Owners

Cecile Diener

Agile Product Manager/Product Owner, eBay, South Africa & United Kingdom

Why do we prioritise?

Andrei Boghiu

Product manager, Prezi, Hungary

Product discoverability through positive failure

Jaroslav Prochazka

Agile Coach and Trainer, Aguarra, Czech Republic

Don't bother me with product vision. I'm just doing my job!

Szabolcs Farkas

CEO, Digital Natives, Hungary

The way to become a project owner

Ferenc Tolnai

Project Manager, Digital Natives, Hungary

The way to become a project owner